Kawasaki-KWJ Side Thruster

Compact design
    With a 23% reduction in tunnel length compared to former models, the KT—B thruster can be installed Closer to the vessels fore Or aft end, enlarging the distance between the thruster and the vessel's gravity centre and thus in-creasing the vessel's turning moment

Well-balanced performance
    Starboard side thrust is equal to port Side thrust for well balance.In addition, overall performance is superior to former models.

Minimum Vibration
    Hull Vibration and noise have been reduced by the application Of such advanced techno1ogy as a skewed propeller,an anti vortex device on the stay,an enlarged Clearance between the blade tip and the inside Of the tunnel,and a Wide space between the blades and the stays.

Easy maintenance
    The thruster unit is easily removed from the tunnel enabling assembly/disassembly in a good environment

Easy blade replacement
    Each propeller blade is easily replaced inside the tunnel.When replacement is done afloat,the thruster tunnel is kept above sea level by a hull ballast adjustment.

Easy mounting thruster tunnel
    Our newly designed standard tunnel,Which has substantial plate thickness and weld the hull Structure at any position directly,can Offer easy welding work.